Give A Wallet: An Original And Useful Idea

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Considering the wallet, an impersonal gift is a widespread mistake based on clichés to dispel. In fact, the wallet is a personal and always useful accessory . Choosing a wallet to give away , however, can be difficult, also because the models are so many. However, there are brands with which it is impossible to make the wrong choice on the purchase of wallets.

If you decide to give a wallet it is good to opt for a quality product made in Italy . Who gives a Piquadro wallet chooses a personalized, high quality product with attention to the smallest details.

Certainly on the market and online you can find cheap wallets but Piquadro products have a guarantee that lasts a lifetime. The wallets made in Italy are recognizable by the invoice and by the elegant finishes: for example, the hinge of the wallet is made of resistant and robust materials.

The choice of colors when s wants to give a wallet  is very broad and is based on the color contrast between the central, sober and elegant, the edges and the interior.

Choosing the size of the wallet is a very subjective aspect, especially if you have to give a wallet to a woman . In fact, there are women who use only small and other bags that need capacious wallets and more compartments, including a large card holder to hold all the cards.

If you are undecided, opt for a wallet with integrated coin purse , with zip closure. The Piquadro wallets, for example ,  are made of scratch-resistant material also very resistant to unsightly stains. They are practically indestructible.

Being a useful object, but at the same time elegant, giving a wallet is an original idea for important and somewhat formal occasions, such as a degree, a communion, a confirmation or even a birthday or an anniversary.

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