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A fourth item could be added to the previous questions: what material portfolio do you need to have? There is a consensus about the durability and endurance of a portfolio, be it male or female. As it is an accessory that is handled frequently and at the same time stores items of great importance such as documents and money, it is extremely important that a portfolio is of good quality.


Among the indications, leather is the first in the list when talking about durable wallets. And when one talks about durable wallets, the name of Roncato also appears in the list. The brand is one of the main references when it comes to top quality products, made following the tradition and quality of Italian clothing.

For those looking for elegant wallets, you can find several models in the brand’s online store. There are options for both the male audience, and the practical and versatile Monaco Horizontal Wallet, made in 100% Italian leather with soft touch; or the many variations of the women’s wallet, such as the Diana Wallet, which has a zipper closure and three color options or the elegant Athletic Wallet with flap.


What color is your wallet?

Although it seems a more aesthetic concern, the color of the wallet is important also in terms of security, since a wallet with a very garish color can draw more attention, either inside a pocket or when loaded in the hands. However, it is true that the issue of choosing a tone for wallet is very different when it comes to men and women.


With the practicality so common in the masculine world, the wallets most chosen by men are usually of neutral colors, such as brown, black, or also gray. Some color variant models are also welcome, such as white, beige, cream, and other earthy tones. Such a choice allows the men’s wallets to match virtually any look, at any time.


But when talking about a female portfolio, the combination with other elements is necessary. The composition of a look made by a woman takes into account countless items present in the visual, and that means details such as gemstones in earrings or bracelets, enamel color, makeup, shoes, belts, buttons and so many other items. Even so, the market offers women much more color choices for women’s wallets when compared to the men’s wallet options.

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