Safety Tips To Keep Your Wallet Safe While Traveling

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Losing your wallet or being a victim of a robbery or theft is bad at any time, but if you are traveling, this incident can ruin your hope of having a restful and happy rest period. On that little object are your personal information, such as credit cards and ID cards, so if you go through it, it’s a big headache until you recover everything – if you can recover.


Of course you cannot predict if you will be stolen, but there are a few ways you can protect yourself or minimize the damage of a wallet of unknown place. Here’s some advice:

Know everything in the wallet:  Before you go on a trip, make a list of everything, absolutely everything that you carry in your wallet and leave in your luggage (also make a version that you can access from your cell phone or from any computer, like in email, Google Drive or Dropbox). It sounds silly, because you know there are several important things there, but you may not know how to put them in place. That insurance card that you do not know where you placed it, may be lost in the wallets of the wallet, in some hidden corner. Without knowing everything you have there, it will be difficult to report the loss or theft to the police.


Take only the essentials:  Most people carry many credit and debit cards in their wallets, but only use one or two of them. Leave the rest at home and charge only the ones you use most often. In addition, choose an identity document to always have with you: you do not need to carry a driver’s license and identity, choose only one of them. The more personal information you lose, the more work you have to redo the documents.


Have copies of your documents:  Make photocopies of all the documents in your wallet and leave them with some family member or neighbor who is not going to travel. Include a list of numbers you can call in the event of loss or theft of your wallet, such as your bank and credit card numbers. You can also save these copies in your e-mail. This will help you report to the authorities more quickly.


Go to the Brazilian embassy:  If you are traveling out of the country and lose your wallet, without having substitutes for your credit cards or driver’s license, the Brazilian embassy is your point of reference to get your life in order again. The embassy can help you get a temporary ID and even a loan. Also call your travel insurance and your travel agency – they can also provide you with some assistance.

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